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Hey Ed, great to see you here...long time no talk.

The Amigo warehouse was in my opinion one of the best drum rooms in the country, until Al Kooper built a wall right through it to set up his studio to score "Crime Story" and distroyed (unbeknownst to him) the recoerding space. I recorded drums for Stryper, White Lion, X, Keel, Kane Roberts, Alice Cooper, Bonfire and Dokken in there. When I checked out the studio in 1985 (for X) there were no consoles in any of the rooms and they asked me which console I would like where (now THAT is service...). So we put an MCI 500 in the A room, a Harrison in the B room and a 40 channel SSL in the tiny C room (mixed "Master Of Puppets" and many others on that console). I loved the A room for recording. Tons of great equipment and microphones.

Great atmosphere at Amigo. There were days when I was working with Dokken and John Denver was next door and Eddie Murphy and the "Three Amigos" in the other room. I remember one day working with Whilte Lion, somebody walked into the control room and said: "What's love got to do with it" It turned out to be Ike Turner. On another Whilte Lion session Al Kooper came over and gave Vito a black Strat to play a solo on. We found out later that this Strat was given to Al by jimi Hendrix. Vito almost fainted. Pretty crazy stuff.

I learned a lot from the owner, Chet Himes, he was always up to something new (like the Tube Traps and using a lavalier mic inside a kickdrum). It was also there that I got offered to buy a matched pair of mint AKG C12s for $1,700 and I turned it down

The warehouse itself was full with old junk around the walls (old tape reels etc.) but somehow it just sounded great for those 80s drums. They had kind of a big "umbrella" hanging under the ceiling, which could be lowerded down and kept the cymbals in check.

Many great memories from the Amigo aera. It got bulldozed last year, another piece of recording history gone.