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Originally Posted by csiaudio

Not exactly sure what you mean by 'Flame Bait' but it doesn't sound like you're being kind. But since I am not sure what you mean I suppose I won't verbally 'flame' you!

And, if you don't have anything to really add to this thread or others, of course other than putting your evidently worthless 2 cents, in please put the keyboard down and step away.

I did answer your question. There isn't anything apart from pro-tools on a mac that will do exactly what you want to do. The only version of pro-tools worth having is the HD version, now requires OSX. Pyramix that someone else suggested works on
a PC only. The only Mac systems with accelerated hardware are Pro-tools and Sonic solutions, but Sonic is a mastering system so not suitable for what you are doing.

Personally if I was sticking with a Mac I would go for a protools HD setup and run that alongside Logic Audio. A sensible set-up could be had for around £12,000-£20,000.

When I said flame bait the reason is that most of these sort of threads end up as flames about Mac vs PC, a fact that you most people who have been around this forum for a while will know.

As I said before, if you are sticking with OS9.2 your options are seriously limited.