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Sounds to me like you've not given Cubase SX a proper chance...

-higlight - delete editing: works the same as in PT
-slip/shuffle - turn on snapping and switch to this mode and it's the same as PT
-Quick bouncing: yup, faster than realtime export, including reimporting it straight to a new track in your session
-Simplistic manual volume control: not sure what you mean here but each track has a volume control like PT...also, a plus over PT is that each region has it's own handles for fades *and* volume, which means that in a lot of cases you never even have to touch volume automation. Oh yeah, and fades are realtime too, so no offline calculation BS...
-Shift tab option - not entirely sure what you mean there, but with Cubase you can use the arrow keys to select regions to the left and to the right, and keeping shift pressed will keep regions selected while you select new ones...
with a keycommand you can set your selection to those regions etc..

Anyway, not trying to sell Cubase here (I work with Nuendo which is practically the same), but it seems to do everything you need.

Alternatively, have a look at pyramix native..i think they even have a free download...