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Originally Posted by csiaudio
Hello Fellow Sluts! heh

I am trying to find a audio editor for Mac that is like Pro Tools. Why don't I just use Pro Tools you ask? Glad you did...Not wanting a hardware dependent program AND definitely not wanting a program that bounces files out in 'Real Time' (why PT does that makes no sense to me...yes, I know outboard processors - but if you don't use them there should be a bounce option!)

I tried: Cubase SE & LE, I have Digital Performer, Have Sound Track Pro, and still none have the simplistic features of Pro Tools.

If you'd like to know what I need here it is: All these features are in Pro Tools.
Highlight - Delete editing - Simple!
Slip / Shuffle - allowing to slide audio or snap it to next region.
Quick bouncing of files out - Real Time wastes time.
Simplistic manual Volume control
Quick Key functions like the Option/Shift/Tab - which highlights to the next edit region to the left -- Shift/Tab highlights to the right

If anyone has any suggestions I would truly appreciate it. I am stuck in OS 9.2 with Pro Tools 4.3 because it does all these things and is not hardware dependent. And honestly if some thing was out there that was hardware dependent that did all these things I would probably buy it. Just amazed that someone hasn't made a Pro Tools like program for audio production such as broadcast or the like. They probably would make some serious dough.

Thanks again!!

On a Mac running OS9.2? Forget it!

Sounds like flame bait too me!