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Originally Posted by eyesore
Michael Wagener, or anyone else who used it, I'd like to hear more bout this place and the recording of drums in there. Thanks.
i worked there back in 1985, we rented a small studio next to the big space where drum recording was often done. I was a gun-for-hire and worked with a fella who had a full-blown Synclavier, we'd score and arrange documentaries in that little room and sometimes wheel the rig into studio B for session work.

I can recall one of the first SSL's there. There was a Harrison console in studio B, I believe. I recall playing on an album date being recorded to one of the first digital multi-tracks.

The pianos were a Yamaha C7, which was very popular as it had the bright tone everyone wanted then (you can hear it on Cris Cross's "sailing"). There was a fabulous Bosendorfer which had the bass extension and was superior to the Yammie, but no one ever played it, except me, I used to stay for hours afterward playing that thing, it was beautiful.

The people there were really nice, the studio was located in North Hollywood behind a gated compound, many famous records were done there when it was the Warner Brothers studio; Carole King, Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson Browne etc.

If I recall, there was a mastering room there as well, may have been Bernie Grundman, not sure.

I met a number of 80's recording artists and session players there, I recall Stryper as frequent clients.

It was a fun and creative atmosphere.