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a step above the Randall RM-4 is the Egnater M-4. There is a new line of modules featuring 2 channels. Thats now 8 channels from 4 modules. Thats a lot of sounds.

My pick for modules would be jtm-45, vox, bassman and EG3... maybe a plexi and tweed sitting on the bench for a quick change over.

If all else fails, get an Egnater TOL-50. They go from fender clean, to plexi crunch on the first channel, and from jcm-800 heading towards mesa yet much smoother and without that top end buzz. Leads smooth enough to melt butter! Throw in a series/parallel effects loop, switchable boosts on each channel, great sounding reverb and a 10watt/50watt power switch and you have a killer amp... for onyl about $600 used.