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Hey CSI!
Me thinks the easiest way to get outta the protools dependancy would be to buy the M-powered version (Runs on M-audio cards as opposed to the digi stuff) . That way you wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel trying to learn a new host.

If you do feel like now is the time for a new host the it's definately worth giving ardour a spin.
It's a HARDCORE DAW based on samplitude. It's open source so it's completely free. You just might have to get your fingers dirty getting it to work. There's a howto here
Anyway. You got nothing to lose.

No Host is ever going to do it EXACTLY the way you envisage it. Sorry. You'll just have to learn one and become awesome at it. I bet any Cubase based on SX (as opposed to ye olde VST-YUK!) can do everything you need, you just don't know it well enough to get your head around it. (It takes MONTHS to properly switch DAW apps).

Good luck!