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I probably have 80' of cable to furtherest spot. The Elco to 1/4: snakes are about 15'. No problem here.

The mute buttons and the output assigns on the master section on the newer Mackies are the problem I have with them. They are easy to hit by mistake and then you have someone crying "I'm turning the bass knob and nothing is happening". Sometimes less is more.

The only down side I see to the whole thing is the EQ per channel---I SHUDDER to think of letting some of my clients do their own EQ on cans mixes, LOL!!! Holy sh*t, talk about ruining the vibe! Just picture 4 or 5 band members all sitting around wasting hours bitching at each other and sayin, "Hold on MAN, I'm setting up my mix!" Then they all proceed to tweak and tweak, and tweak, and tweak, HOHOHOHO!

I don't know about you, but I bill by the hour. Like I said, it'll pay for itself!