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The bassist in my band actually plays a Fender Rhodes (well we sold the Rhodes 73 for a Nord Electro...damn club stairs) through an old Traynor YBA-2 Custom Special that I modded for 6550's. She plays that into a Traynor 8x10...predecessor to the Ampeg 8x10 supposedly. Tons of low end. We actually don't have a proper bassist. It's all Rhodes.

Where does this myth that you can't distort a Twin Reverb come from??? That's complete hogwash. If you plug a P90 or humbucker equipped guitar into the #1 input of the reverb channel you will get breakup anywhere over 3.2 on the volume, which is about the same point that the amp starts to get some balls in my opinion. I'm talking about a non-master volume AB763 circuit here with good tubes properly biased. Now the normal channel on the Twin Reverb...that actually can go to about 4 or 5 before it will break up.

I've found that the Twin Reverb breaks up at about the same point on the volume knob as any other Fender amp with reverb (extra gain stage). It's just a hell of a lot louder. Twin Reverbs are either off or LOUD!