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Old 6th July 2005
For us (and we have been through a lot of intern interviews) the pivotal points in inverviews from our point of view often are.

Are the interns listening to what we are saying or are THEY interviewing US?

Do they display jadedness or bitter & twisted 'chip on their shoulder' attitude about the gopher / runner and non engineering aspect of a starting position BEFORE they have even BEGUN? tutt

Have they done ANY research into the studio before arriving for an interview? (a google search, looked at the studio's website?)

Recomended questions to ask.

What are the hours?
What is the career path possible? (ask for examples of past interns, how they are doing now)
What type of work takes place at the facility?

Great things to toss into the interview (and why)

"I know lots of bands / musicians" (potential clients for the studio - you have your finger on the pulse of the scene)
"I know Pro Tools well" (does this need an explination?)
"I really want to learn how to be an engineer" (shows a lack of 'know it all' vibe)

Things to "white lie" about

Your band - roll your eye's and say "it's just a part time hobby thing" (even if your band mates will kill you for missing 5 mins of a rehersal)
Being a producer - just sit on that info during the gopher / runner job interview ok?
How you only really like one genre of music - not a good plan in an interview at a commercial studio facility.