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Old 6th July 2005
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I too went to a recording school right after High School. Because I had no clue about how to get into the business, I figured school would be the way to go. I thought getting a job would be possible upon finishing. Then reality set in. I got an internship at a High Profile studio in NYC. Decided that wasn't for me. Too many rediculous hoops to jump through. Plus I caught wind that they were using there interns to build a new facility. Be carefull where you get a job. Make sure that they are all about helping you help yourself, not using you for free labor. Also understand the music industry is probably as bad as it's ever been if not worse. Definitely plan on doing things for free whether it be an internship or pulling favors. It's a good way to prove yourself. It's really all about your people skills. Meeting people and forming relationships is the most important thing. Oh yeah be prepared to be poor, live on Roman Noodles, work rediculous hours, and have no life what so ever for at least 5-10 years. Do because you love it, not because you think there'll be some sort of financial reward. Good Luck.