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Whether multing will be a problem or not depends on the output impedance of the source device. By multing 5X you are reducing the effective input impedance of the Mackie by a factor of 5, so you're going to want to make sure that whatever drives your cue mix system is low impedance. Odds are pretty good that you'll be alright since most modern output impedances are around 150 ohm and input impedances are around 10Kohm.

I've been pondering this sort of idea myself, but figure I'm going to go for a custom built box. I don't want EQ and auxes in my cue mix...its too much stuff out of my control. What's of paramount importance is gobs of clean drive power to the headphones. I don't remember what the Mackie is like in terms of headphone drive capability, but considering the price and the # of features I'm guessing it wasn't Mackie #1 design priority. For my system I'll likely go with a pair of Burr Brown BUF634 current drivers for the headphones. This should give plenty of power!

I'm curious about what features should really be included on a custom cue mix system. How many mixes are really needed? I think 2 stereo, 4 mono is ample, but what do you guys think? Pan controls on the mono ins. D-sub connectors, and distributed power. Ideally this sort of box should just have 2 wires coming off of it, one for the input/power, and another for the headphone cable.