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What you are describing is exactly what I have been using for a long time. I Wired a Elco connector to each of my mic panels and made a Elco to 1/4" snake with Mogami 12 pair. I also have a box that has several Elcos that will plug in if I need more than one mixer in a room.
I have the D/A outputs of my second 192 normaled to inputs 1-8. I give the musicians a stereo mix of what I'm listening to on 11 and 12. 1-4 get mono sources (bass, gtrs, click, etc.) 5-6 is usually drums and 7-8 is stereo piano.
I've often said this set up paid for it self in the extra studio time that it takes each musician to set up their own mix! No matter how many times I tell them "give me a little time to get the control room mix together before you start adding the extra channels". They can't wait to get their hands on them!
I've had as many of six 1202's going with nothing but parallel wiring.