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Old 6th July 2005
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i'm very curious about this as well. I'll be adressing this same issue in the next month and I've been considering the exact same mackie mixer as a possible solution.
You'd still need some sort of distribution amp wouldn't you? Or is that what you mean by mult? I figured that I'd use the amp at least to keep the signal hot and noise free going from the patchbay/aux send/whatever to the mackie. As well, the distribution amp gives you multiple outputs of each source to feed your different cue stations.
In my own experience, many of these customized configurations utilizing a mixer will have the main outs of the mixer feeding a homebrewed headphone amp with a master volume pot and 2-4 headphone jacks. I'm guessing that this offers better noise specs and is probably louder/cleaner than the built in headphone amp.
Anyway, i'll definitley be keeping an eye on this thread!

best of luck!