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Old 5th July 2005
Originally Posted by The Spark
I am recently finished recording school and am starting to look for work. I was just wondering if you guys/gals had any advice to someone who is just starting out.

I would like to work in a studio doing music. Im not sure how easy that will be. From my understanding I will have to work for free for a while. This could be hard since I dont have any money to do so... and part of me says that if I did it might be better to just put the money towards equipment and try to make it on my own (especialy with the spectre of making no money hovering over my head).

Im not afraid of working hard and I dont live an exorborant lifestyle by any stretch of the imagination. Im kind of at a crossroads and any advice would be apreciated.

Thank you.

Recording school gives you enough of the basics to appreciate the real learning you are going to do in the field, so don't skip it and just try to go it alone right away. You'll be amazed what you learn by working for free for a while at a good studio, technically, creatively, and about the business and dealing with clients. To be able to observe different engineers, producers, and artists (good and bad), and also to be able to network and build experience and some assisting credits on some real sessions - this is the kind of education you can't get in school or by buying some gear and hanging out a shingle.

How did you survive in school? You must have had some funds for that. Can you pursue a similar line for a little while to get started? This is a continuation of your education and an important foundation for your future career. The people you meet, things you learn, and resume builders you gain are important building blocks of a successful career. It will not only likely present opportunities you may not otherwise have gotten, but also better prepare you to take advantage of those opportunities and help you perform well enough to be given additional opportunities. Find a good studio, spend your time there wisely, and make yourself indispensible.

Good luck!