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Originally Posted by cletus
I'm using an 002r and have an mbox that I carry around with my laptop. It appears my question is ill informed and that the interface is the audio card or something like that. I dunno. I never said I was a computer or technical genuis ( ha ha) just a musician who deals more with music than technology. ??????? I originally thought that an audio card was an actual card that you buy that goes in your computer or something.

Yup, you got it. An audio interface and an audio card are the same thing in terms of purpose and primary function (audio to digital and back again generally to communicate with a computer). However people might assume that when you say "audio card" you mean something in the style of a PCI card that you put in one of the slots of a desktop computer and that an Audio interface is something with an external breakout box.

For example, people might consider the Lynx One, Two, L22, etc to be an Audio Card. If you check out they have some pictures so you can see what a PCI card looks like.

One the other hand an Audio interface might be considered as an Mbox, 002R, RME fireface, M-Audio Delta66, etc, etc.

There are no PCI slots in a Laptop, this is why Firewire & USB are popular choices. There are a few PCMCIA (often refered to as "cardbus") style interfaces for laptops too like the RME Multiface (with RME's cardbus card instead of there PCI card ) and the Echo Layla 24 (with Echo's cardbus card instead of there PCI card).