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If you post a query over at the Prodigy forums you'll find numerous members who've built La2as. They even have residents who can build the T4B modules. One member has posted a high-res chart that you can blow-up, to show you all the P-P wiring routings. Prodigy even had a "rogue" member selling clones on Ebay constructed via the layout charts! I've seen several clones from the group that were indistinguishable from the real-deal to the untrained eye.

Try a search at the Prodigy forum, you'll find many threads, with some talking about mods etc etc.

Regarding the chassis - I once saw an La2a built into a toolbox! La2as aren't too fussy about the chassis, although I guess access for maintenance is an issue.

The biggest cost will be the transformers, and the T4B.