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I'm the worst example of what to do . My first gig in music came when I was an intern at an ad agency. One day they asked if I could write a jingle - I said YES and ran to Sam Ash after work, and maxed out the student credit card on gear I needed to deliver the spot. Delivered the jingle, got paid, and paid off the card. I still do it. Get a good gig that requires gear I don't have - buy it and pay it off as the royalties come in. Keeps the clients happy, and it keeps me in gear. Granted if I wasn't doing this professionally I wouldn't buy any of this ****. I don't believe in expensive hobbies. I'm also thinking about a large format console and it seems like there's 2 choices - one of the few music equipment finance places or the home equity thing. We're remodeling now, if there's money left it may go towards my console.