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Old 23rd October 2008
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I am using it with the stock tubes and think is sounds great. I may try swapping out just to see the difference.

Why would you sell this? Its one of the best stereo tube pres for the money.
yea, thats what i thought originally.. mebbe its the mic im using with it (peluso 2247le)... mebbe its too much tube going on.. but on vocals, as a drum room mic, drum overheads, its just thinner than the GR..
ideally, i want to keep it. i dont wanna go thru the bull**** of selling it and trying out new pres etc.. if its as simple as swaping out tubes, than i'm all for it, but i've heard mixed reviews for that as well.. ideally, i want something to complement the GR, something detailed used primarily for vocals.. and im used to the girth the GR provides... so i'm looking into either vintagedesign or bae