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Originally Posted by s0nguy
.... I did my homework and got SMOKIN deals (HD1 and 6.4 for $3500.00, etc...)

Sure, I have "debt"...but it is more of a business "investment". If I HAD too, I could sell all of the gear and be free and clear. But the payment every month is manageable and I consider it a cost of doing business. I get more biz because I have HD... no doubt about that.

Same exact situation here. I'm in a serious amount of debt, but if I sold it all I'd be back over zero. I think of it as a business investment. But this is for my own music, and I want to get it out now, I'm already getting too old! If I saved up for what I own, I'd never have it... But my day job's salary (teaching) is increasing every year and I'll be able to pay it off (or no way I would do this). I may start a side job as well.