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Wow.... sounds like im in the minority...or at least the minority of people who care to respond.

I found myself in an interesting position. I purchased a piece of real estate for almost 30k. I have seen it increase in value over 500% in the past two years. In fact, it continues to appreciate at such an alarming rate that I borrowed against the equity to purchase my ProTools HD rig and everything I need to run a nice studio in Nashville TN.

I live in the property I bought, it is on Music Row and I turned half of it into my studio. I had been recording people for a few years prior running various platforms (PARIS, LE, Cubase, Logic). My moment of realization came when I tracked a project in LE segments at a time .....and could'nt mix it at home. I realized I was at an impass and that I am actually doing well at this recording/writing thing. I took the plunge to HD because I believe in "do it it right".

I have not regretted it since. I did my homework and got SMOKIN deals (HD1 and 6.4 for $3500.00, etc...)

Sure, I have "debt"...but it is more of a business "investment". If I HAD too, I could sell all of the gear and be free and clear. But the payment every month is manageable and I consider it a cost of doing business. I get more biz because I have HD... no doubt about that.