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Thanx for your replies, seems like I'm not the only one trying to stay out of debt. The thing is.. the situation right now is kind of weird for songwriter/producers like myself. The songwriting part is cool, that can be done with no gear at all and when it comes to demoing songs my studio is already overkill. The part that confuses me are the productions and mixes for commercial release.

I've written songs and produced them for major label artists with international success and I'm known for always delivering high quality stuff. basically that's what gets me the gigs since I'm completely worthless at marketing myself and sucking up to A&R guys. So the quality needs to be up there. With the seriously reduced recording budgets of today there simply is not a chance to use big rooms for everything. Sometimes even not for mixing... It's like the producers are left to do everything in house AND take most of the financial risk. Then in the end it might pay off with high royalties instead. This leads to some consideration. I think that in order to survive until the budgets are high again you need to be able to make a powerful, world-class product from scratch to finish at your own place. That would include mixing aswell. So the situation is... I need to retain the big-room sound that I'm used to but doin it all in my project studio. For recording I have what I need and we have a network of a couple of professional musicians and producers so we can borrow stuff and services from eachother aswell to keep costs down. For mixing with the results I'd like to have I need to upgrade my DDA console to something that's up there soundwise, a big ticket console if you don't mind the expression. Everything else i have and can borrow extra gear if needed. So the question is whether to keep spending a LOT of the recording budget on mixing in a big room (or spend more than the budget if the mix is not approved and redoing it...) or get a console and be happy at my own place ? And have the luxury of time and recall ? This might sound weird but to me it's the reality of the business right now. Make great sounds at your own place or disappear. And of course I can't squeeze out the cash for an SSL just like that... Anybody feeling the same way ?