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Lives for gear

Stay out of debt is good advice. Buy used or display models. Buy and sell gear as needed...don't be afraid to sell unused gear, even at a discount.

Stay out of restaurants and bars, and movie theaters and save your money, learn how to cook your own meals, keep your other living expenses overtime if you can, a second job or gig...every penny adds up. Buy one thing at a time, and eventially your inventory of gear will build up. Research your gear BEFORE you buy it, as best you can. Download manuals, try the gear out if you can.

Buy used gear on E-Bay from reputable sellers, shop the local stores for bargains, pay a fair price and you usually will get a fair deal. Buy quality and you'll have quality, buy junk and you'll have junk.......don't be afraid to buy new if you can afford it...manufacturer's warantees are nice......

I try to get one new piece of gear every other month or so, and over time, I upgrade my equipment by buying and selling. This keeps my setup current.

Once you get your equipment, take good care of it. Don't bang it around.