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I have had no problems other than my Auto Tune authorization didn't transfer because I never got off my butt and had it authorized to my Ilok. I had a small Altiverb problem with Altiverb 4 (Again my fault) but one small email and it was resolved.

The best thing I can say and what I did is this:

First start up your G-5. It asks if you want to transfer data from your old computer. I hooked up my G-4 with the firewire cable and restarted with the T button down so that it turned it into a hard drive. It recognized the OSX drive and off it went. 45 minutes later everything from my G-4 was on my G-5 including all my old emails, addresses, and any other information that I am sure I would have spent months trying to remember to transfer. This also includes all my Pro Tools plugins, programs, and settings and prefs. I went to the digi site and downloaded the 6.9.2. Installed the update. Repaired disk permissions and started it up.

I have had no real problems or crashes. When I installed 6.9 on Panther after living through the hell that was 6.7 I found it to be the most stable version of Pro-Tools I have used since 6.2.1. 6.9 is great and 6.9.2 on Tiger seems to be even better. Most of it is the G-5 but Tiger seems to be great so far.

I am running PT HD-5 with 2.5 gigs of Ram on a new G-5 with Tiger.

Michael Greene