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Market and eccentricities

Unfortunately I have had a rather low profile in the market place but I have always placed the holy grail of sound before riches and prefer to stay the course than be a meteorite (one hit wonder)
It has been nice to have worked with the best people in the bussines such as Pink Floyd. There has been many poor products and BS in both the pro and consumer audio.
As to style of my products, why do I have to copy and be a me too. I have to be proud to say that I helped the vacuum tube revival both in consumer and the studio side. dont forget back in 1980 tubes were about dead,and people were using some scummy audio that was going backwards in clarity.
Just as back in the late sixties many studios bought Scully multitracks because the were cheap and compared to the Ampex MR70 were about as bad as domestic TEAC's of that time.
Some of the best American and German electronics of the fifties were good in their specs and still hold up very well to this dat. As I say if something is correct how much more correct can you make it?