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PT LE to Logic Pro switch? Interface/Convertor Advice

So i'm seriously thinking about switching from PT LE with my Digi002R to a Logic Pro system. I'm simply tired of needing to make excuses for why digi's stuff is so ****ty. Everything from it crashing contantly, to a poor power harness on the Digi002R, to 192's sounding like poop vs other similar devices, etc.... They take MONTHS longer than any other DAW manufacturer to deal with an OS upgrade, but yet it still crashes constantly when you get it. They remind me of some overpriced cars that run fast, but then break down every 10,000 miles on the dime.

So Logic to me seems like a pretty nice solution. I've gotten heavier into sequencing than Protools can handle anyway really, and i'm working less and less with other digital studios. Plus then I can just use a Unitor 8 to sync to a tape deck instead of spending a TON on a digi sync device. Goodbye the days of paying hundreds in Digi Tax just for an MP3 export option.

I'm totally lost as to what interfaces to get however. I know that there is a ton of 'top shelf' stuff out there, but I seriously just need probably 2-8 channels of A/D (mainly just record my own stuff instrument at a time) and 2-4 channels of D/A (nice to set an effects loop to something, but that's about all the outs i need at the moment). I don't have enough for 4 ADC-1s and two DAC-1s, so don't even go to that range. I just need a decent interface. I haven't heard motu's stuff. How is that 896 unit?