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Old 1st July 2005
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free 2-trk Mastering Software for Mac OS 9>/Classic - check it!

sonicWORX Studio

I was trolling for free software last night and came across this. It's a really nice program for the older Mac OS that has been discontinued and made available for free.

I booted my old G4 1.2 gig tower into OS 9 and loaded it up. This looks like some of the best free software I've ever seen. The one comment about it at says "Best algorithms I've ever heard on a Mac". I haven't run audio through it yet, but I looked through the menus and it has a ton of different offline and realtime plug-ins/DSP.

Make sure you download the full version, not the basic one. The serial number is on the freebies page.

Oh, I almost forgot..... it works in Classic mode for OS X too! You need to download the ASIO driver if you want to use it in OS X/Classic. There's a new 2005 driver.