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Originally Posted by Splico View Post
Frend gave me this mic without PSU...almost like new,in the box...where I can find one psu?
Any one have some info about this mic? How does it sounds? How does it compares with modern mics?
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I have one of Peter's power supplies for a 582, works great.

I have a couple M58 - small diaphragm omni cap. I've used it for acoustic guitar (little bright for me), on the sound board of an upright piano (great!) and as a room mic pair (worked well) and in a stairwell for a reverb capture (sounded cool). I've never had any other tube SDC's then the 582, so I can't compare it to much else. I love the 582 bodies, though like a lot Gefell these days (at least on US Ebay), the prices outstrip what the market is willing to pay.