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Originally Posted by ELI-173
Where is E-Cue, I know he's an LA guy.


Thanks a lot people!
The main tech I use these days is Mitch who works at Glenwood Place (818/260-9555) and used to be at the Village. PM me if you want his cell. I've seen him work magic on everything from the hard to fix Eventide SP-2016's to multitrack tape machines, but I'm not sure about the gear you mentioned. His schedule is dependent on how busy things are at the studio, but he's usually prompt. Any of the cats at Gearworks/Larabee (818/753-0083) are tight too, especially with Gates/Collins tube gear.

For mod's, I usually use Jim Williams at Audio Upgrades (818/201-4414).

I hope all my numbers are current.

Best of luck with it.