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Portico 5012 or 1073DPA?


I'm starting to save for my first Neve preamp!!!

I'd like a dual one, for stereo, but can't afford two 1073s - what am I talking about - I can't afford anything Neve!!!

I figured I'd aim for either the 1073DPA or the Portico 5012. Anyone sussed out the differences?

Are these good first high-end pres to buy? I'm currently using a M-audio Tampa.

Oh, other thing is that my current mic is a Rode NTK. Of course I would like to upgrade to something better, but in the meantime, will I still see an improvement in sound whacking the Rodie through either of the Neves?

Should I buy a Neve first, or keep the Tampa and invest in a high end mic?

Last question - I need some recommendations on which mics are good to use when recording stereo images of acoustic guitar. I want something that will be good at achieving both a nice crisp sound, and also that warm , make your ears go fuzzy Wilco-like acoutic sound (separate takes!).