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Old 14th October 2008
Here for the gear

di/pre for wurlitzer for live shows?

Hi all, this is my first post. I need to get a di or di/pre for my wurlitzer rig for live settings. right now the chain is: chopped wurlitzer 207 --> fostex 3180 spring reverb unit --> jbl eon 15 G2. I think I would want to put the di/pre after the wurli? here is what i came up with after some pretty extensive internet searching here.

1. summit audio td-100
2. countryman type 85
3. radial JDI
4. radial J48

The fundamental questions are: do i just need a good di box? should it be passive or active? should i go for di/pre combo's like the summit (and others in the $500 range)?

Another option was using an old silverface fender bassman head that our bass player doesn't need and putting a good di somewhere in the chain.

Thanks for any and all help! I've enjoyed reading the forums around here these past couple days as well. - Alex