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Old 14th October 2008
What kind of specific names do they need? If you just need generic, chronological numbering, it shouldn't be too hard.

The easiest thing I can think of is get a copy of the script in front of you. As the talent is reading, drop a PT marker between every line. When he's done reading, use the ". - marker number - ." key command to jump between markers, and use the "b" key (in focus mode, or whatever it's called) to separate the regions. This should name the files something like "VO Audio_01" and "VO Audio_02", and you'll at least have everything chronologically.

If you're punching in, it might effect the way the numbering occurs (basically, you'll skip from say "_01" to "_03", for example), so you may want to experiment with Destructive Punch Mode. Or, after the entire script is read, consolidate the entire thing into a single file and then go through and make the cuts at the marker points.