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I have experience with such organizations. Often the ED goes over the board's head and can get nutty in decisions.

This is what I'd do ---- after I cooled off from being so pissed off.

If your goal is to get work then do this:

Apologize, with a smile, offer the master for free with a smile (with an hourly charge for your time involved) and write up a contract for the next year. Better to guarantee coming work and have things BE CLEAR with upcoming work. I'd lighten up on the gear. Do the recording with a stereo set up and find better situations. Offer an upcharge for more mics in the contract. Be nice but assertive.

To be honest, piano, I'm not sure that I want to work with them anymore. I've put up with this crap for years and I'm tired of it. My gut tells me that my fate is already in the can, so all the political "smiles" won't change anything. If I bring less gear, the music director will complain that he's not getting what he used to, so it's a no win for yours trully.