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Old 13th October 2008
Here for the gear

Hey Ethan and R3k. Thanks for the replies.

Man, those Dynaudio's look nice, but there's no way my audio director is going to spring for those. To a certain extent, I would agree with him since we're mostly creating SFX which doesn't require as much clarity as when making music. After all, even if you make the perfect sound effect, you can only give the computer a loose set of parameters with which to automatically mix them in the game as it's played. There's no way to account for every conceivable permutation of simultaneous events, so the mix is never going to be perfect anyway. Game trailers and cutscenes are the one area where linear, locked audio occurs...but we can probably do with Bluesky's in that regard. But I digress.

Anyways, that said - I like your idea of routing the audio interface (I'll probably use the Presonus Firebox Ethan reccomended) to the BMC which, if I'm understanding you correctly, has individual analog outs that go directly to the monitors? Are these XLR outputs?

That will probably do us just fine.

Thanks again.