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Any studios in the DC area??

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I am moving to the DC metro area (either Gaithersburg, Germantown, or Frederick) and want to get "in" at a studio in the area.

What can I offer?

Well about 5 years of recording experience ranging from Marching Bands to Rock bands. I have a Music Composition Degree and can read drum charts, and all versions of traditional music. (movable clefs, treble, bass, etc.) I don't do guitar tab, however. I have written for string ensembles, brass groups, woodwinds, and melodic percussion instruments. (Vibes, Marimba, Glock, etc.) I have also played drums in a band for around 4 years now and we are currently working on our second album.

I have worked with a variety of Daws and mixing boards. (DP, Adobe Audition, Sonar, Samplitude, and a little in Pro Toolz) I haven't spent any time in large format consoles but am a very versed in signal flow so it wouldn't be hard to adjust.

I currently do contract work running sound here and there and for a sound company that is close by where I play stage monkey and generally feel like I am wasting my time mostly.

So if you need a paid intern, someone to sit and track, a drummer to come in and help you get the kit sounding good, or a good cup of coffee at your expense, PM me.