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Originally Posted by bobmaus
I've used Advanced Electronics on Venice Blvd for years and always had good results. Nothing ever broke again or had problems. They are authorized repair for most of the the manufacturers out there. Their turn-around was good, but when they're busy, so goes it.
Hope this isn't the place you're having second thoughts about.
I 2nd on AME. They've done a great job switching a bunch of my amps/synths from 220V to 110V (when I moved to LA). Also, for repairs they've always delivered, except for the fact that estimating the time it takes to do the job is not always their biggest asset ...
For the high end gear(comps, eq's, FX), I've never relied on them though. For that I either 'fed-upped' the goods to a product specialist, or handed it to the studio tech.


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