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Old 29th June 2005
Pro Tools/ADAT clock issue: How to Bump 44.1 to 48

I recorded some stuff on my Pro Tools 002 off of ADAT (yeah, we're talking blackface here) because the client I'm working with prefers to record his vocals in the privacy of his home and still only has ADAT. No big deal. I've done a few tunes with him already and had no issue. I think I recorded in 48k with ADAT as the master clock and had no issue. This time, perhaps this is the mortal flaw, I recorded in 44.1 (thinking that this is the ADAT standard and that it would be best) with the ADAT as master clock. All is fine until I play back the bounce. So, I must have the ADAT as master no matter what in order to play it back without it playing slow. I did screw up obviously. Can I convert these files somehow now to playback with the ADAT. How can I bump this up????

An apparent 17 year amateur