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Originally Posted by audioez
24bit 192kHz = PCM

DSD = in a league of it's own
I had extensive experience with both and can say they are very close when factors such as different brands of converters are removed. So close that the choice of production flow can outweigth quality issues. As a matter of fact our new 8X192ADDA can do both 192k and DSD including 128x DSD which is better yet.

We have done parallel DSD/176.4k comparisons as well as experimented with PCM>DSD conversion software.

Generally DSD will shine in direct recording _without_ digital processing. If there is digital processing involved go with 176.4k PCM and convert to DSD later.

here is a post I posted on the subject awhile ago on another forum:

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What about 176.4k?

I had some discussions on the subject with some engineers and everybody
seems to agree that 176.4k elegantly converts to 44.1k for CD and (64x44.1k)
DSD for SACD as well as native or downsampled for 88.2k for multichannel
DVD-A. Only for DVD-V it has to be downsampled to 48k, but then sound is
less important on DVD-V.

It also takes less space than 192k and sounds pretty much the same, better
than 96k.

Couple of engineers were about to archive large stereo tape archives and
they were going to try 176.4k.

I have worked as a technical consultant on a project which involved several
large orchestra recordings of Polish contemporary classical recorded by
engineer Andrew Lipinski for several surroundd SACD releases.

Final mix has 5 surround plus 1 ceiling channel and it sounds really good.
DSD master is produced from 176.4k 6 chan PCM mix. using Soft DSD from
Sigreal. (there is also algorithm from Daniel Weiss and Philips). We
recorded 16 channels of 176.4k.
Everything has been cleaned up with Algorthmix Renovator and edited and
mixed in Sequoia.

We achieved spectacular lifeness and clarity of sound, especially 6 chan
surround done accurately produces the sense of being there.

I really like 176.4k for production and 6 chan SACD for release. DVD-A is
good too, but SACD is a hair closer to 176.4k and it sounds really nice.

Regards , Michal at Mytek