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John, the Bach track of yours that I heard sounds quite "real" in my opinion. The piano sounds natural and the room reverberation sounds like a real room that I can place myself into. Still, it must be admitted there is a big difference between what you have achieved and especially the "recentA" file I uploaded. Both your recording and the sample are recorded from a distance and have lots of room sound. However, yours sounds authentic and puts me into the room, while the sample sounds veiled, distant and artificial. Why? What are the technical reasons behind the difference?
Thank you - I haven't had a chance to download and listen to your tracks yet.

But the Bach I sent you was recorded naturally - two Neumann KM 183-D about 20cm apart, about 2-metres from the piano at approx. ear height (and vertical as they were in the nearfield).

There was very little editing done, just a little patching where necessary, no EQ or compression at all, just a little level adjustment at the end so the highest peak on the CD was within -4dBFS.

I tried to keep it as natural as possible.

If you click on the picture above it will link you to the pianist's website and he has loaded a few tracks I recorded from the new CDs I recorded to listen to - I am not sure how compressed they are, though (the one I sent you was a CD quality 16/44.1wav).

Of the other four CDs pictured on his site, I also recorded the Chopin Nocturnes and the Chelsea CDs for him.

I will try and listen to your samples later.
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