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Old 27th June 2005
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hi eyesore,

I'm guessing you didn't write the song, right?

I think I would have preferred a warning and then to have heard all the words. Giving the singer full benefit of the doubt, I'm imagining a self-deprecating lad who verbally winks at the audience letting us know that his hyper-exaggerated hyper-masculine cave-man vocal is there to compensate for his unusually small (2") genitalia. Or perhaps he's just a sexist pig :-)

As for the mix, the vocal seems to be pretty much what this style of music calls for. For the guitar, I didn't get the sense of a Stack O' Marshalls chugging away. (However I only had a chance to listen on a pair of KEFs so far.) The guitar sound was fine with me, but I'm not in that demographic. Having done live sound gigs where the guitar amp was so loud it wasn't even in the mix, I say the further back the better (and you punks stay off my lawn too!). But the kidz may want a little more guitar (and you know the guitar player's girlfriend will :-)