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But seriously folks.....

Great conversion. A little bit colored in the lower mids and on the top. Very nice though for rock and anything with attitude. I've lent mine to a friend for some classical recording and it sounded quite fine for that too (no process engaged of course).

The process is great. I tend not to use it while tracking as I don't want to overdo it before mix time (it can make some mix mud when it starts to stack up). On mixing it adds total character. A great back end to a DAW, even in all digital mode. I use it as the converter for the 2 mix off a summing buss and apply the process to the A/D. I've got some settings (Tape 3.5, Pent 4-5) that I start with and mix to it because it's very much like 2-buss compression in many respects. I was actually a bit disappointed with the process at first but the top rate A/D kept me hooked. Then I really discovered how to use the process to get what I like.

In all truth, I like to abuse it. To me, it's one of the best peak limiters I've ever heard. But in order to get it to that place I find you've just got to CLIP the hell out of it! Seriously. If the red light isn't coming at least every second on certain slammin rock mix types, something's wrong. I put a smart C2 buss compressor immediately before it which has something like 20 dB of makeup gain on it in half dB steps which is perfect for driving it. The process just seems to round off the edges. Don't ask me how but it does. BUT, this is obviously not appropriate for all kinds of mixes (most in fact) so be careful. Also, if you're going to mastering, for god's sake print a mix at a lower level so the mastering engineer has something to work with if they don't care for your overgrown HEDD print.

I have used it for D/A. Better than the digi HD192 D/A, not as good as my benchmark DAC1. I've heard rumours that the upgrade to 192k is supposed to be beneficial in that area though. Certainly passable.

Conclusion? Great box. Buy 4 thumbsup