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When well-implemented by competent people like Manley Labs, Daniel Weiss, David Hill (Cranesong) then 24/192Khz outshines and sounds superior than the lower rate ****. SACD also can sound superior as well, for example, check out Pink Floyd's DSOTM release in SACD format in a good monitoring environment.

Caveat: there are plenty of bad implementations out there at all bit depths and sample rates, be very careful in making the vendor and product selection.

Remember that MP3 and standard CD 16-bit format sound like ass when compared to great analogue.

The music industry certainly would have better sounding products if they came up with new and better digital formats and left the older, inferior sounding digital formats behind.

It will only be thru more technological advances and progress will digital sound quality ever hope to live up to the superior sound quality of great analogue.

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