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Re: Joe meek SC2 compressor....opinions please.

Originally posted by cajonezzz
a good pal of mine is strapped for cash and is having a little sale. He's got a Joe Meek SC2 compressor that he'd like to let go for 300 bucks. Just wondering if this would be worthwile to add to the quiver.
anyone had experience with this box?
He's also got the Joe Meek Studio Channel.
the studio is still down so I have no way of demoing it and he needs to sell fast. Any help appreciated.

Find out which version.

1.5,1.7,2.0-to present.

They all sound a little different.

My favorite is the original 1.5(with out the make up gain in the front or back). The original opto from which all the noise came about.

It went kinda downhill from there. Though the SC2.2 and SC3 are faster for drums.

To me the SC2 is an effect box. You either like it or you hate it.