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Since it has saved me lots of money I want to share this also in the budget section, although it's better classified as High-end.You are looking for a really high-definition sound? The PGA2500 is the best pre-amp avaible at the market today, no doubt about it. Discrete designs just can't keep up with the ever evolving semiconductors. If implemented well with a decent power-supply, it will outperform even the biggest name pre-amps (we HAVE tried).

It's also used in the Apogee Duet, but here the lack of decent power supplies, the inferior clocking and budget convertor chip limit its performance.

Compared to the John Hardy M-1, by many regarded as the world's best pre-amp, it was like pulling earplugs out of your ears. The difference was never so clear. The spatial dimensions of the sound were much more vibrent.

Learn what the pro's (Meitner et al.) think of this chip:
ProSound News-Sound Related Articles I quote:"the designers at places like TI and Analog Devices really know what they're doing, and very often their $5 chips can give much better results than an elaborate, organically-grown discrete design. But wait, what am I saying? May the Lord forgive me... In the mean time, take a walk around the PGA2500 (TI again) if you haven't already. It puts a lot of well-respected discrete mic pre front-ends in the shade. On the other hand, I remain unconvinced by the latest line driver/receiver offerings; for some reason, their dynamic performance still falls short of a decent discrete solution"

1. Buy PGA2500 EVM $100
2. Buy a case $10
3. Power supply $20

Audio demo (PGA2500evm used on vocals/guitars/drums):
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Very nice
hey can you post some more audio samples ?
and where did you get your parts to build your pre ?
I found this link EVALUATION MODULE FOR PGA2500 - PGA2500EVM

looks very very nice man