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Temples of Sound - in stores now.....

two quick comments:

1. guys who were actually there when these studios were in their heydey have commented on some notable errors. Even those of us who didn't set foot in a studio until the 70s will notice quite a few factual mistakes. but hell, they're writing about events that happened 50 years ago, and some memories are gonna be less than perfect.

2. But.....its still worth every penny. I read the entire book in two lengthy sittings and I enjoyed every second. After reading the fifteen chapters, I can't see how anyone wouldn't want to try some old school, "live in the studio" recording. (or even make that your standard technique...)

Anyone with even the slightest interest in the golden age of recording studios will be very glad they bought the book.

Even those of us who have read almost everything published about the more famous studios (Mowtown, Chess, Atlantic, etc.) will find many less heralded rooms with incredible stories.
My vote for the most surprising chapter was "J&M, Cosimo's Factory" about the phenomenol history of the recording scene in New Orleans.

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