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Originally Posted by krid
RoundBadge, how would you compare the Nicerizer 16 to the other summing boxes that you tried (TG, API, Folcrom) : color, headroom, punch .... ?

Did you try the Mixdream ?
Havent tried the SPL.
Although it's only been a day..the N-16 is the best one Ive heard far.. Nevey smooth & Hi Fi but you can color it up nicely by pushing it [go figure ...shouldn't be too much of a surpise]
Used it today on indie/pixies/weezeresque rock with a great chick singer .. in this chain:
PT 96K- N-16 to Manley MP - thermionic Phoenix comp- 2 pultec Eqh 2's- Lavry's to PT...nice Harmonics on the 2b when pushed.
headroom is pretty darn good.
best low end so far.. solid..closest to a good console I've heard yet.
Once I spend a bit more time with it and run it at the API desk ,I'll have a better idea..
but yeah..the thing definately made the mixing quick and fun today[3 songs]..and it took the EQ on the back end really well..even the Manley's hi's were usable.
Really un****terizes cymbals..
will probably make a great subm for Keys and loops.
Although the stereo width knob is weird...bass gets funky/thin and level drops a couple db..bypassed it....and the ch 3 +8 db switch is's a proto right?
don't matter ...the thing sounds real good otherwise.
Still waiting to give the Aurora a good workout[Very High hopes..even still. a YEAR later]