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Tim ... sorry time is limited....mixing..good excuse to break.. yahoo!
Yeah I sure know what youre sayin..
Some stuff I did 12 years on DA 88's through a mackie 8 bus still holds up suprisingly well..and some of that shhit tranfered into pt sounded worse itb..
I'm used to consoles and I find ITB frustrating..But a console just ain't practical anymore for me...and believe me I've been REALLY trying with the ITB thing..
gain staging is second nature for me that ain't a prob..and I don't slam levels into the computer
my simple definition is: one sounds 2-D mush and the other sounds 3-D punch
kinda like hearing the diff between average converters and great ones
I do find w/ ITB, that coming out and into two good stereo converters[Lavry's in my case]into a comp/eq really helps things out..
Ive been doing quick on the fly ref mixes this week for a record in progress for the guitar player/ band leader out into a Thermionic culture Phoenix comp to a manley MP to 2 Pultecs ,back to PT and I've been really suprised how good it sounds
absolutely plug in free[No L2 or sony oxford,URS crap on the buss...Double Yuck!that stuff sounds really shiity to me lately]

The folcrom will give you a real good taste of the OTB thing..It does help doubt.
Mic Pre wise... ones I own and used:
..Dakings are very aggresive and bright to sum through..not my 1st choice..
the API's sound good ..but not for everything..
The TT's I don't know about
Helio's pre's .. but Nah ...too dark overall for a mix...
the Neve 1084's were cool but a tad dark for some stuff and I'd rather not eq at the pre although you can if you need to.
The Wunder PEQ-1's worked real well..punchy and more transparent
The Aurora GTQ-2 worked well also.. ..more color but more open than the neves
it seems to me the slightly more transparent ones allow more for dense mixes..
I like that...
Although I could see the TG-2's could be great for simple 2 guitar, bass, drums rock stuff [ Kenny uses that to great effect]
I only have 1 TG channel so I haven't tried that route..
as far as rack mixers: the API 8200 sounded very good but couldn't match the real 3288 console for depth and headroom
The TG was a dissapointment[I still think it was broken out of the box,had it for weeks]terrible headroom ..Had nice sparkle but it couldn't match the API for size, low end and punch ,especially on rock.
checking the Nicerrizer 16 today,I like it better than the TG AND the API,folcrom,etc and the thing is relatively cheap ..$2300. bucks. ..sounds like a good console [although the stereo width knob thing sounds wierd]

anyways ..back to work!

Originally Posted by TML

There seems to be so much debate about summing....people using different, Neotek and midas.....on top of this everyone is getting it from the DAW nerds that were gain staging wrong...colloaspsing the the mix...don't get levels too hot....recently I went out of PT into my my masterlink sounded a little wider and fatter....and louder......I tried using the Sony compressor to simulate that glue I'd gottten...came close but was like a 7.5 out of 10. I thought i was out of my mind listening to stuff I'd done on adats with a soundcraft board 6 years ago...there was more punch. I guess I'm wondering if it's my inabilty to grasp mixing in know...the technique of it. The kicker is that I only have a 192 with 8 analog outs....but I do have Producers recommendations for these out s from a previous post. If I grab the Folcrom...would you guys go with 312's or Daking or tube tech pre's.....Peace