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Originally Posted by nukmusic
Wasn't it also cheaper when it had the Alesis LOGO????
FYI: Alesis had purchased the pro audio products line (only) from GT in 1997. GT designed ViPRE and handuilt several prototypes (for trade shows) while working with/for Alesis, and before the Alesis bankruptcy in 1999. Alesis had announced ViPRE prematurely (as always) and naively forcasted a very low MSRP @ $2,000 (as always) based on their plans to make it 100% in China like one of their low cost multi effects (as always). Later they raised MSRP to $2,400. However while they took many orders, they never actually built and/or sold a single ViPRE due to their declining financial condition coupled with the difficulty to manufacture the original all tube, fully floated and balanced GT prototype which was a strange animal to the ADAT folks.

GT exercised a non-payment "escape clause" in their contract some months before the Alesis 1999 bankruptcy. In the deal GT got back all GT pro audio IP including the mics and ViPRE (still a project in process) in exchange for forgiving a large unpaid debt.

ViPRE finally came to market mid 2000 under GT management, now @ MSRP $2999 (rasied to $3,499 in 2005). The GT solution was to partially build it in China with 26 hours of hand labor assembly, but using critical signal path components (xfmrs, tubes, caps, etc.) made by GT in LA area. ViPRE gets final assembly and QC at GT's California factory.