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I don't know what more to offer for control room design details. What do you feel is missing?

If you are looking for technical specs, AES multichannel guide provides an excellent summary. Geared at multichannel, but most of the specs are evolutions of stereo specs, with the acoustics being almost identical.

Getting about the most technical and still free are the various BBC RD reports and the predecessors covering over fifty years of design. BBC List of RD Reports. There are too many docs there to even try to suggest some without knowing what more information you are seeking.
Not that anything I KNOW OF in particular is missing, I just want to learn more. For example, I'm considering going back to school for my Master's in Acoustics, so I can do fun things like design recording studios as part of my self employment. I'm just extremely interested in acoustics. My particular application at the moment is focused on control room design, so I'm looking for a book a university might use as a text book in a Master's acoustic class, namely about control room design.

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There are no magic angles. They are all dependent on the specific room and application.
Am I correct to say: According to the fact of angle of incidence=angle of reflection (atleast with HF), as long as this angle directs the reflection toward the back wall (which in my case will be absorbtive) and are effectively absorbed, my listening position should be reflection free?? Yes?

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What are you trying to achieve with the material in those locations? If you are working on a RFZ, then grazing angles will not be significant in the room geometry.
I most definetly am shooting for an RFZ, but I don't really understand what you meant in the second part of the sentence. Could you rephrase please?

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