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I don't know the Takamine line very well, but I've got a few Taylors. I'd go x14 over x10 for recording. The concert style bodies sound tighter than the dreadnought. Check out a 214. 214e if you want a pre-amp. If you can swing the step up to the 300's you can get a 312 (grand concert) which is a great recording guitar IMHO. Something about that tighter waist on the body. A girl I use for sessions has a Leo Kottke Signature Model which kills my 710 when you stick a mic in front of it, even though the LKSM is a larger body, it's in that concert style with a much tighter waist than my dreadnought.

Your call re: the pre-amp. I've never used one as the main sound, but they do give you another flavor for doubles.